Presence of Complete or Incomplete Septa in Human Jugular Foramens

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Oliveira-Neto, O. B.; Haddad, J.; Prado, F. B.; Rossi, A. C.; Monte-Bispo; R. F.; Sousa-Rodrigues, C. F.; Olave, E. & Freire, A. R.


The objective of this study was to determine the occurrence of anatomical variants in the exocranial surface of the jugular foramen, specifically, the presence of single or double and complete or incomplete septation. A cross-sectional anatomical study was performed using 96 Brazilian dry human skulls (53 male and 43 female). One examiner determined the number (single or double) and type (i.e. complete or incomplete) of osseous septation at the outer surface of jugular foramens. Data went through statistical analysis on GraphPad Prism 6.01. Our results shown that Male individuals where more likely to present normal jugular foramens (male = 71.69%, female = 34.88%; p = 0.003). However, one incomplete septation occurred more often on the right side of female individuals (1 incomplete septation, male = 16.98%; 1 incomplete septation, female = 34.88%; p = 0.044). Similarly, one complete septation (i.e. the presence of two fully divided jugular compartments) also occurred more often on the right side of female individuals (1 complete septation, male = 9.43%; 1 complete septation, female = 25.58%; p = 0.038). Anatomical variants of the jugular foramen regarding single or double complete or incomplete septations were more likely to be found on the right side of female individuals, whose also presented a higher rate of jugular foramens with any type of septation than regular non-altered jugular foramens.

KEY WORDS: Anatomy, Jugular foramen; Septa; Compartments.

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OLIVEIRA-NETO, O. B.; HADDAD, J.; PRADO, F. B.; ROSSI, A. C.; MONTE-BISPO; R. F.; SOUSA-RODRIGUES, C. F.; OLAVE, E. & FREIRE, A. R. Presence of complete or incomplete septa in human jugular foramens. Int. J. Morphol., 39(1):45-49, 2021.