Hand and Handprint Measurements in the Estimation of Stature in a Sri Lankan Population

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Deepthi Nanayakkara; Lakshika S. Nawarathna; Tharanga Nandasena; Sandeep Alahakoon; Sajjiv Ariyasinghe & Kapila Arambawatta


The present study was undertaken to generate sex-specific simple and multiple regression models for the estimation of stature using hand and handprint measurements in a Sri Lankan population. The sample comprises 51 males and 66 females in the age range of 20 to 26 years. The stature and eight measurements from each hand and its corresponding print of each subject were collected using standard anthropometric instruments and techniques. All hand and handprint measurements showed significantly positive correlation (p value < 0.05) with the stature in both sexes. Stature prediction accuracy for simple linear regression equations ranged from ±4.41-5.92 cm and ±4.0- 5.22 cm for the left and right hand measurements in males and females, respectively. The corresponding figures for the left and right handprint measurements were ±4.57-5.95cm and ±4.36-5.52 cm, respectively. The highest stature prediction accuracy was shown by the multiple regression models derived from hand measurements. The stature estimating formulae reported in this study using hand measurements have important application in the identification of unknown human remains, particularly when they are partial, mutilated or dismembered. Similarly, it is envisaged that formulae derived from the handprint measurements will be useful in crime scene investigations.

KEY WORDS: Forensic anthropology; Hand measurements; Handprints; Stature.

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NANAYAKKARA, D.; NAWARATHNA, L. S. ; NANDASENA, T.; ALAHAKOON, S.; ARIYASINGHE, S. & ARAMBAWATTA, K. Hand and handprint measurements in the estimation of stature in a Sri Lankan population Int. J. Morphol., 39(1):222-230, 2021.