The Modified Method of Luxol Fast Blue for Paraffin-Embedded Myelin Sheath Staining

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Ensieh Sajadi; Amir Raoofi; Shabnam Abdi; Hadi Azimi & Mohammad-Amin Abdollahifar


Histological techniques are the study of animal and human tissues through staining and examining them under a microscope. To demonstrate the axonal degeneration and demyelination in histological studies, the Luxol Fast Blue staining is gold standard techniques. In this study, a new histochemical method based on modified Luxol Fast Blue for the staining of the myelin sheath in sciatic nerve tissues described. The sciatic nerves of rats were removed and then the sciatic nerve was immersed in 10 % formaldehyde for one week and embedded in paraffin block. Next, thin sections (5 μm) were cut, using a microtome and stained with conventional and modified Luxol Fast Blue. Our results showed that a new method of modified Luxol Fast Blue staining can accurately identify the myelin in the sciatic nerve fibers. The current study showed that the Luxol Fast Blue combination with Light Green has a good effect on myelin coloration, and the results of this study are comparable to LFB combination with Sirius red.

KEY WORDS: Myelin sheath; Luxol Fast Blue; Light Microscope.

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SAJADI, E.; RAOOFI, A.; ABDI, S.; AZIMI, H. & ABDOLLAHIFAR, M. A. The modified method of Luxol fast blue for paraffin- embedded myelin sheath staining. Int. J. Morphol., 38(5):1197-1200, 2020.