Lung Function Evaluation Through Computerized Tomography and 3D Reconstruction of Airways: A Body Mass Index Pilot Study

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Rodrigo Muñoz-Cofré; Aldo Abarca-Ortega; Pablo A. Lizana; Jorge Quiñones Rodríguez; Claudio García-Herrera & Mariano del Sol


Obesity is a worldwide epidemic that has become a risk factor for the development of respiratory problems, meaning it is necessary to generate models that assess lung function in obese patients for proper treatment. The objective of this study was to evaluate a model for analyzing respiratory function according to body composition, by analyzing the structure and function of the airways by computed tomography (CT). Lung function and body fat percentage (BF%) were measured in three male subjects (25 ± 6 years), with different body mass index (BMI; normal, overweight, obese). A third-dimensional (3D) reconstruction of the airways was performed using CT. Trachea, right and left main bronchi and anterior segmental bronchus of the right and left lung were measured. Three measurement points were established for each structure, and the average value of these three points was used for the analysis. An increase in the thickness of the airways wall of the left and right main bronchi and right segmental bronchus was observed as BMI and BF% increased. The same was observed for the percentage of airway wall area (%AWA) and airway resistance in the main and segmental bronchi. The proposed 3D reconstruction model and the three-point analysis simplified image assessment and allowed to observe the problems caused by obesity in lung function.

KEYWORDS: Obesity; Body composition; Airways resistance; Airway anatomy; Airway wall area.

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MUÑOZ-COFRE, R.; ABARCA-ORTEGA, A.; LIZANA, P.A.; QUIÑONES, J.; GARCÍA-HERRERA, C. & DEL SOL, M. Lung function evaluation through computerized tomography and 3D reconstruction of airways: A body mass index pilot study. Int. J. Morphol., 38(5):1223-1228, 2020.