Statistical Testing Methods for Data Analysis in Dental Morphology

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Pablo Navarro; Imaculada Alemán; Catalina Sandoval; Camila Matamala & Gilda Corsini


Statistical testing methods are essential tools to measure and analyze the data obtained through research in dental morphology. This descriptive study analyzes the different statistical testing methods in order to suggest its appropriate use and manage in the interpretation and analysis of quantitative and/or qualitative data of dentistry investigations. The knowledge obtained through this study could orient students and/or interested professionals to decide, with theoretical basis, which one to use in the development of their research.

KEY WORDS: Data analysis; Statistics; Methods.

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NAVARRO, P.; ALEMÁN, I.; SANDOVAL, C.; MATAMALA, C. & CORSINI, G. Statistical testing methods for data analysis in dental morphology. Int. J. Morphol., 38(5):1317-1324, 2020.