Teaching and Learning Strategies of Oral Histology Among Dental Students

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Salma Abubaker Abbas Ali & Sadatullah Syed


Dental education is in a continuous state of development to adapt to the changing learning strategies of the millennial students. The introduction of electronic learning resources (ELR) is a good example, which has added immense value to the traditional methods of teaching oral histology. The main purpose of the study was to analyze the dental students’ perception of learning oral histology the way it was taught. A pre-approved questionnaire survey was electronically distributed to 129 students who had completed the oral histology course. The majority of the students viewed oral histology course to be difficult and irrelevant to their dental career. Similarly, most of them preferred studying alone and used ELR in place of books and atlases. More than three quarters believed using a microscope in practical training sessions will make the oral histology course easier and more interesting. The results of this study will be used to formulate recommendations to be implemented in oral histology course.

KEY WORDS: Oral Histology; Oral biology; Dental Education; Dental students; Course evaluation.

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ALI, S. A. A. & SYED, S. Teaching and learning strategies of oral histology among dental students. Int. J. Morphol., 38(3):634-639 2020.