Pioneers of a Century of Anatomical Teaching in the City of Concepción,Chile

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Osorio, H.; Toro, J. C.; Schorwer, K.; Riveros, A. & Cardenas, J.


Reviewing a century of history, the development of anatomical activities in the city of Concepción, in the south of Chile, did not occur without difficulties. The present work gathered the historical background related with the beginnings and development of Anatomy teaching at the Universidad de Concepcion. Research was carried out including the review of historical books, magazines, digital archives and institutional records such as files or photographic archives. The foundation of the university, the beginnings of anatomical activities in 1919 and the contribution of its highlighted pioneers, show the difficulties of teaching this discipline in Chile. From a historical perspective, having knowledge during this century of teaching, the physical resources used in cadaveric dissection, the detail of teaching methodologies applied, and the anatomical resources available, contribute the anatomy ́s development knowledge in Chile.

KEY WORDS: Anatomy: Concepción; History of Anatomy; Teaching of Anatomy; National Monument.

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OSORIO, H.; TORO, J.C.; SCHORWER, K.; RIVEROS, A. & CARDENAS, J. Pioneers of a Century of Anatomical Teaching in the City of Concepción, Chile. Int. J. Morphol., 38(3):650-658, 2020.