Immunohistochemical Identification of GM-CSF in Testis of Rats with Oligozoospermia with the Intervention of Cuscuta chinensis Flavonoids

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Meng Xiaotong; Liao Libin; Ma Yixuan; Aikebaier Kadier & Bai Shengbin


Oligozoospermia is a common infertility disease, and the incidence rate is increasing year by year. Cuscuta chinensis is a commonly used medicine for the treatment of oligozoospermia in Chinese medicine. Flavonoids are its main component. GM-CSF is a multifunctional cytokine that plays an important role in the inflammatory response. In this paper, we performed HE staining and immunohistochemical staining on the testis of rats with oligozoospermia. We intend to study the expression changes of GM-CSF in rats with oligospermia and the effect of flavonoids on the expression of GM-CSF in testis of rats with oligozoospermia.

KEY WORDS: Cuscuta Chinensis Flavonoids; Oligozoospermia; GM-CSF.

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XIAOTONG, M.; LIBIN, L.; YIXUAN, M.; KADIER, A. & SHENGBIN, B. Immunohistochemical identification of GM-CSF in testis of rats with oligozoospermia with the intervention of cuscuta chinensis flavonoids. Int. J. Morphol., 38(3):761-765, 2020.