Terminologia Embryologica and Embryonic Annexes: Proposed Embryological Terms in Spanish

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Ruth Prieto Gómez; Natalia San Martín Espinoza; Rodrigo Toro Mella; Nicolás Ernesto Ottone & Mariana Deppe A.


It is important to regulate criteria in the terminology used in embryology, to promote the study, research and communication in this field. Terms are expected to have informative value, absence of eponyms and homonyms and further, to avoid synonymy. The aim of this work was to propose the Spanish translation of the terms of Terminologia Embryologica corresponding to the chapter “Development of extra-embryonic attachments and fetal membranes”. Books and scientific articles on embryology and obstetrics were used; dictionaries in Spanish / Latin - Latin / Spanish languages and the translation of the terms was defined according to their frequent use and quotation in the teaching of embryology. The information obtained from the analysis of the articles and books consulted was organized in 5 tables: Table I, Spanish translation of Latin terms existing in Terminologia Embryologica; Table II, modification of Latin terms of Terminologia Embryologica translated into Spanish; Table III, modified Latin terms, and translated into Spanish; Table IV, terms not found in the review of texts and articles; Table V, unused terms, repeated terms and codes. The present work contributes in the translation of embryological terms from Latin to Spanish, not necessarily being a literal translation, but rather an interpretation based on scientific articles and texts currently used in the teaching and study of embryology. The results of this work are intended to contribute to the generation of Terminologia Embryologica in Spanish and we hope that will be discussed and improved with constructive proposals from experts in the area of morphology.

KEY WORDS: Terminologia Embryologica; Embryonic annexes; Fetal membranes.

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PRIETO, G. R.; SAN MARTÍN, E. N.; TORO, M. R.; OTTONE, N. E. & DEPPE, M. A. Terminologia Embryologica and embryonic annexes: proposed embryological terms in Spanish. Int. J. Morphol., 38(2):273-277, 2020.