Anatomical Description of Accessory Renal Polar Artery and its Relationship with Arterial Hypertension

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Juan Silva; Claudia Araya; Alexis Latín; Carolina Sambucetti; Samara Liberona & Sergio Araya


The kidney irrigation includes the renal artery and the accessory renal arteries. One of these accessory vessels is the superior or inferior renal polar artery. These vessels have an embryonic development and an anatomical origin similar to the renal artery, both in the abdominal aorta but also of its branches. Irrigate the corresponding renal segments and it has been observed that their obliteration may cause increased blood pressure, by stimulating an increase in circulating renin. The objective of this work is to present a clinical case report of a 24- year-old male patient, with no morbid history. Consultation due to headache and dizziness symptoms with 2 weeks of evolution. Clinically increased blood pressure and obesity, without fever or other significant findings. Corresponding exams showed the following changes: triglycerides (increased), blood pressure (increased), renin (increased) and abdominal AngioTac showed a left upper accessory polar renal artery with vascular stenosis. The literature indicates that arterial hypertension is correlated with partial or total obstruction of a renal artery or an accessory branch. This alteration in the decrease in blood flow could stimulate the release of renin into the bloodstream, affecting blood pressure. Our findings agree with what is described in the literature and need to be considered in the diagnosis of arterial hypertension. This case demonstrates the need for an exhaustive review of the anatomical basis of medicine with an integrative approach. This would improve diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of pathologies where this information is unclear or non-existent.

KEY WORDS: Kidney; Renal irrigation; Blood pressure; Arterial hypertension; Accessory renal polar artery.

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SILVA, J.; ARAYA, C.; LATÍN, A.; SAMBUCETTI, C.; LIBERONA, S. & ARAYA, S. Anatomical description of accessory renal polar artery and its relationship with arterial hypertension. Case report. Int. J. Morphol., 38(2):336-339, 2020.