Anatomical and Physiological Considerations in the ‘Hip Rotators Test’ Related to the Stomatognathic System. A Brief Commentary

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Orlando Conde Vázquez & Juan Antonio Suárez Quintanilla


Manual tests in clinical investigation must be supported by anatomical and physiological findings in order to obtain an objective information. The application of different mandibular positions in children obtains a variation in the ‘hip rotators test’ (p < 0.001). The possible relationships behind the muscle tone of the external rotators of the hips and the stomatognathic system are exposed, with special attention on the fascial tissue and its morphological characteristics. Despite these anatomical and physiological connections, there is no further evidence of a strong cause-effect relationship in this test.

KEY WORDS: Muscle Tonus; Fascia; Stomatognathic System.

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CONDE, V. O. & SUÁREZ, Q. J. A. Anatomical and physiological considerations in the ‘hip rotators test’ related to the stomatognathic system. A brief commentary. Int. J. Morphol., 38(2):363-366, 2020.