Nationwide Stature Estimation From Armspan Measurements in Albanian Youngsters

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Bojan Masanovic; Stevo Popovic; Juel Jarani; Andi Spahi & Dusko Bjelica


The purpose of this research is to examine stature in both Albanian sexes as well as its association with arm span, as an alternative to estimating stature. A total of 445 individuals (266 boys and 179 girls) participated in this research. The anthropometric measurements were taken according to the protocol of ISAK. The relationships between stature and arm span were determined using simple correlation coefficients at a 95 % confidence interval. Then a linear regression analysis was carried out to examine extent to which arm span can reliably predict stature. Results displayed that Albanian boys are 176.57±7.36 cm tall and have an arm span of 179.98±9.41 cm, while Albanian girls are 166.84±9.28 cm tall and have an arm span of 167.53±10.34 cm. The results have shown that both sexes made Albanians a tall nation but not even close to their male compatriots from Kosovo that are almost 3 centimeters taller, while the results in female population are opposite. Moreover, the arm span reliably predicts stature in both sexes, which confirms a high R-square (%) for the boys (73.4) as well as for the girls (78.8).

KEY WORDS: Prediction; Measurement; Arm Span; Arm Span; Albania.

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MASANOVIC, B.; POPOVIC, S.; JARANI, J.; SPAHI, A. & BJELICA, D. Nationwide stature estimation from armspan measurements in Albanian youngsters. Int. J. Morphol., 38(2):382-388, 2020.