Micro-Plastination. Technique for Obtaining Slices below 250 μm for the Visualization of Microanatomy in Morphological and Pathological Experimental Protocols

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Nicolás Ernesto Ottone


Plastination has revolutionized the study and research of anatomy, thanks to the biosecurity and indefinite preservation of human and animal bodies and organs. This paper presents the concept of Micro-Plastination, an ultra-thin sheet plastination technique, to obtain ultra-thin slices, of a thickness of less than 250 μm, for the identification and visualization of the microanatomy of any anatomical region in morphological and pathological experimental protocols.

KEY WORDS: Micro-plastination; Ultra thin slices; Experimental morphology; Experimental pathology.

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OTTONE, N. E. Micro-plastination. Technique for obtaining slices below 250 μm for the visualization of microanatomy in morphological and pathological experimental protocols. Int. J. Morphol., 38(2):389-391, 2020.