Mylos Root in Terminologia Anatomica

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Schilin Wen; Mariano del Sol & Christopher Nicholson


The current International Terminologia Anatomica is written in latin and from it, the translation into the corresponding language is carried out. There are terms of greek origin that sometimes do not fully describe the anatomical structure. In this context, the mylos root, present in mylohyoid word, is defined in greek “like a mill” or “resembling a tooth”. However, this definition does not accurately represent the mylohyoid structures that it describes. Therefore the question arises: is the mylos root the most appropriate one for naming these structures?

KEY WORDS: Terminologia Anatomica; Anatomical Terminology; Mylos root.

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WEN, S.; DEL SOL, M. & NICHOLSON, C. Mylos root in Terminologia Anatomica. Int. J. Morphol., 38(1):126-128, 2020.