Marginal Tubercle of Zygomatic Bone

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Juan Silva; Claudia Araya; Sebastián Pardo; Tomás Reyes; Andrés Salcedo; Alvaro Sanhueza & Samara Liberona


The zygomatic bone, located in the upper and lateral area of the face, is an even and irregular quadrilateral or rhomboid shaped bone. It presents 2 faces, 4 margins and 4 angles. It forms cavities, allows muscular and aponeurotic insertion, is part of the facial architecture, distributes masticatory forces and allows the passage of the zygomatic nerve. Its postero-superior margin presents a bony prominence known as a marginal tubercle, in which the insertion of the temporal fascia is observed. The objective of this work was to describe the particular characteristics of this prominence. The sample corresponded to 30 skulls of Chilean adults of both sexes. Through a series of bone points, the presence, location, size, shape, cortical and trabeculate of the bone tissue of the marginal tubercle was described. A digital camera, precision compass and digital caliper were used to perform the measurements. The radiographic analysis required high-resolution computed tomography. The results showed that the marginal tubercle of the zygomatic bone is a constant prominence, located in the middle third of the frontal process of the bone and that most individuals showed a semilunar shape. Its height fluctuated between 3 and 4 mm, being more pronounced in men than in women. The thickness of the bone cortex was directly proportional to the prominence of the tuber, while the spongy trabeculate was inversely related to the latter. The analysis of these results seems to indicate that the biomechanical forces exerted by the masticatory musculature and transmitted by the temporal fascia, determine the external and internal morphology of this prominence, and of the zygomatic bone itself. In conclusion, it is recommended to review anatomical knowledge in the light of new imaging techniques and disciplinary integration.

KEY WORDS: Skull; Facial bones; Temporal fossa; Zygomatic bone; Marginal tubercle of the zygomatic bone.

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SILVA, J.; ARAYA, C.; PARDO, S.; REYES, T.; SALCEDO, A.; SANHUEZA, A. & LIBERONA, S. Marginal tubercle of zygomatic bone. Int. J. Morphol., 38(1):159-164, 2020.