The Human Liver: Vascular Anatomy to Determine its Segments and Divisions

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César Augusto Durand López; César Rázuri Bustamante; Milton Valderrama Wong; Gerardo Arredondo Manrique & Daniela Ramos Serrano


This study aims at understanding the vascularization of the human liver to determine the correct way to divide it into "divisions" (sectors) and segments, for which we dissected 250 livers using the acrylic resin injection method. The results showed the role of the “Porta hepatis” in the hepatic vascular distribution, the existence of seven vascular pedicles for seven portal segments, and the role of portal fissures in the parenchymal division of the liver. Our research provides the definition of a portal segment and demonstrates the role of the hepatic portal vein in originating any liver parenchymal division.

KEY WORDS: Hepatic portal vein; Segments and liver “divisions” (sectors).

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DURAND, C. A. L.; RÁZURI, C. B.; VALDERRAMA, M. W.; ARREDONDO, G. M. & RAMOS, D. S. The human liver: Vascular anatomy to determine its segments and divisions. Int. J. Morphol., 38(1):226-229, 2020.