Gerdy's Tubercle. A Forgotten Structure in the International Anatomical Terminology

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Juan Pablo Pacheco & Rodrigo Lizama Pérez


In teaching anatomy, the use of eponyms is increasingly scarce. Nonetheless, eponyms remain evident in updated literature, in this case the use of the eponym is accompanied by the correct term according to the International Anatomical terminology (TAI ) Gerdy ́s tubercle (GT) is an eponym widely used in the literature and scientific community to name a lateral tubercle of the tibia. It is an insertion site of muscles and ligaments and an important anatomical reference in knee surgical procedures. Despite its importance, it is not included in the International Anatomical Terminology (IAT) and an official name for this structure is lacking. The aim of this work was to review classic books used in the anatomy teaching and recent scientific papers, and further, to propose an anatomical term for the Gerdy tubercle that fit IAT basic principles, in agreement with the International Federal Program of Anatomical Terminology (IFPAT), and organism that is part of the International Federation of Anatomist Associations (IFAA). The TG is described as a structure located between the tuberosity of the tibia and the head of the fibula, referring to it with synonyms such as tubercle of the anterior tibia, tubercle of the tensor fascia lata, tubercle of iliotibial tract and anterolateral tibial tubercle. In morphological journals it appears in current articles related to the anterolateral ligament. We propose as an anatomical term for the Gerdy ́s tubercle the name of “Tuberculum anterolteralis tibiae” its translation is used as a synonym by other authors and fits the basic principles of TAI. We hope that this information be considered by the experts that make up the FIPAT.

KEY WORDS: Gerdy ́s tubercle; Iliotibial tract; Tibial anterior muscle; Anterolateral tibial tubercle; Anterolateral ligament.

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PACHECO, J. P. & LIZAMA, P. R. Gerdy's Tubercle. A forgotten structure in the International Anatomical Terminology. Int. J. Morphol., 37(4):1305-1309, 2019.