Micro-Architecture Study of the Normal Infant Auditory Ossicles with Micro-Computed Tomography

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Wei Wang; Xing Wang; Lianxiang Chen; Zhijun Li; Shaojie Zhang; Baoke Su; Fei fei Zhao; Zhaoping Weng; Huanhuan Guan; Mingjie Gao; Haiyan Wang; Zhiqiang Wang; Yunfeng Zhang; Xiaohe Li & Xiaoling Liu


This study aimed to investigate the micro-anatomical morphology of ossicular chain in term fetus using micro-CT, in order to analyze the parameters of internal ossicular structure that may affect sound conduction.Four ossicular chains from two term fetuses were scanned by micro-CT. The related structural parameters of the trabeculae within the incus and malleus were calculated and compared. The fine anatomical structure of the auditory ossicles was analyzed.The microstructure of each auditory ossicles in term fetuses was clearly revealed by micro-CT. A marrow cavity was observed in the incus and malleus. In statistical analysis of the structural parameters of trabeculae in the incus and malleus, significant differences were found in BS/BV and Tb.Th (P < 0.05). Micro-CT enables the visualization of internal ossicular structure. The auditory ossicles in term fetus has good bone quality. The obtained bone structure data will help to clarify the physiological functions of normal fetal auditory ossicles.

KEY WORDS: Auditory ossicles; Trabecula; Micro-CT.

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WANG, W.; WANG, X.; CHEN, L. X.; LI, Z. J.; ZHANG, S. J.; SU, B. K. ; ZHAO, F. F.; WEN, Z. P.; GUAN, H. H.; GAO, M. J.; WANG, H. Y.; WANG, Z. Q.; ZHANG, Y. F. ; LI, X. H. & LIU, X. L Micro-architecture study of the normal infant auditory ossicles with micro-computed tomography. Int. J. Morphol., 37(4):1387-1390, 2019.