Multidisciplinary Approach in the Teaching of Dental Sculpture and Anatomy

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Rogério Leone Buchaim; Jesus Carlos Andreo; Antonio de Castro Rodrigues; Jéssica Barbosa de Oliveira Gonçalves; Letícia Rossi Daré; Geraldo Marco Rosa Júnior; Daniela Vieira Buchaim & José Américo de Oliveira


The purpose of the Dental Sculpture and Anatomy discipline is to introduce undergraduate students to the study of the anatomic and morphological characteristics of permanent and primary human dentition, through classes, books and cognitive and psychomotor activities. This discipline supports the teaching of specific knowledge necessary for a more extensive education, involving interdisciplinarity as a means of knowledge exchange among several areas of dentistry, to achieve comprehensive professional education. Students must recognize the dental morphology from samples of preserved teeth, and reproduce the morphology through three-dimensional models made of stone or wax blocks. In this article, the authors describe the process for producing teeth collars and macro dental models made of stone, their importance and benefits of utilization. The purpose of the study was to encourage the teaching of Dental Sculpture and Anatomy toundergraduate students of the Bauru School of Dentistry, University of São Paulo, through activities that would associate theory, practice and the development of manual skills.

KEY WORDS: Dental anatomy; Education methods; Undergraduate students; Basic sciences.

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BUCHAIM, R. L.; ANDREO, J. C.; RODRIGUES, A. C.; GONÇALVES, J. B. O.; DARÉ, L. R.; ROSA JÚNIOR, G. M.; BUCHAIM, D. V. & DE OLIVEIRA, J. A. Multidisciplinary approach in the teaching of dental sculpture and anatomy. Int. J. Morphol., 32(2):399-403, 2014.