Skin Development in 14 to 60-Day-Old Guinea Pig Fetus

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Diego Carvalho Viana; Amilton Cesar dos Santos; Fernanda Meneses Oliveira e Silva; Phelipe Oliveira Favaron; Dayane Alcântara; Antônio Chaves de Assis-Neto & Maria Angélica Miglino


To contribute knowledge of an important experimental model for studies on skin embryology, a study was carried out to describe the morphological events of the skin during the intrauterine life of Cavia porcellus from the 10th to the 60th day of gestation. Embryos and fetuses were dissected, and the skin of the nasal, cranial, lumbar and anal regions was processed byoptical microscopy. At 30 days the first hairs, called lanugos, were observed in the cranial region. The morphological description showed that a few days can make a great difference in development.

KEY WORDS: Guinea pig; Skin differentiation; Embryology; Animal model; Histology.

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VIANA, D. C.; DOS SANTOS, A. C.; SILVA, F. M. O.; FAVARON, P. O.; ALCÂNTARA, D.; ASSIS-NETO, A. C. & MIGLINO, M. A. Skin development in 14 to 60-day-old guinea pig fetus. Int. J. Morphol., 37(2):416-422, 2019.