Pelvic Angiomyxoma Associated to Deep Infiltrative Endometriosis. Case report

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Carlos Manterola; Ricardo San Martín & Alfredo Chodowiecki


Angiomyxoma of the pelvis is an unusual mesenchymal tumor; that given its high potential for recurrence, it is relevant that the surgical resection be as radical as possible. For its part, to deep infiltrative endometriosis is another rare entity that requires complex treatments. The co-existence of both pathologies represents an absolutely infrequent situation; of which there are very few cases reported in western literature. We present the case of a 41-year-old woman who developed both clinical entities concomitantly and who was treated surgically with good results.

KEY WORD: Angiomyxoma; Myxoma; Neoplasms, Connective Tissue; Pelvic Neoplasms.

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MANTEROLA, C.; SAN MARTÍN, R. & CHODOWIECKI, A. Pelvic Angiomyxoma associated to deep infiltrative endometriosis. Case report. Int. J. Morphol., 37(2):671-676, 2019.