Renal Corpuscles Were Protected From Dichlorvos - Induced Morphological Alterations in Rats by Antioxidant Vitamins

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Olatunde Owoeye; Fabian V. Edem; Bukola S. Akinyoola & Ganiyu O. Arinola


Dichlorvos (DDVP), an organophosphorus pesticide is a volatile compound which enters the human body through oral, dermal and inhalational routes and is excreted via the kidney. This study assessed the effects of DDVP on the histology of the kidney. Twenty five male rats (75.05 ± 5.55 g) were divided into 5 groups of 5 rats per group as follows: Unexposed group, exposure to DDVP alone for 5 weeks, and 3 other groups exposed to DDVP for 5 weeks in addition to supplement with Vitamin E, vitamin C, and red palm oil (RPO). Rats were exposed to DDVP in poorly ventilated cardboard cages for 4 hours daily. On completion of exposure, rats were euthanized and tissue processed by routine paraffin wax method and stained with H&E. Morphological alterations monitored by histological and morphometric studies using the graticule and software packages. Data were analyzed with ANOVA and p<0.05 considered as significant. DDVP caused significant reduction (10%) in the maximum glomerular diameter and 18% reduction in the maximum width of the renal corpuscle when compared with unexposed rats. However, VTE, VTC, and RPO significantly elevated the maximum glomerular diameter by 21%, 22%, 23% the respectively. Similarly, VTE, VTC, and RPO significantly elevated the maximum width of the renal corpuscle by 17%, 19%, 20% respectfully. Glomerular tuft cellularity was neither affected by DDVP treatment nor by vitamin augmentation. Inhaled DDVP caused histological alterations in the microscopic anatomy of renal corpuscles of rat which was mitigated by vitamin supplementation. Data suggest involvement of prolonged DDVP use in the aetiology of renal failure.

KEY WORDS: Organophosphate; Pesticide; Glomerulus; Renal corpuscle; Vitamin- supplementation.

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OWOEYE, O.; EDEM, F. V.; AKINYOOLA, B. S. & ARINOLA, G. O. Renal corpuscles were protected from Dichlorvos-induced morphological alterations in rats by antioxidant vitamins. Int. J. Morphol., 32(2):475-480, 2014.