Anatomical Description of the Bone Segments that make up the Skull of the Pudu puda Species

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Saldivia, M. & Villegas, F.


The Pudú (Pudu puda), one of the smallest deer in the world and indigenous to Chile, is considered vulnerable (VU) throughout the national territory, there is little specific information on the organic systems that compose it, and it is becoming more common find them in urban areas. These problems awaken the need to strengthen research and study of this species. Consequently, in the present study an anatomical description of the cranial skeleton of two specimens of Pudú puda was made, where their main bony characteristics were highlighted by comparing them with domestic species already studied (sheep and goats). Thus, it was possible to determine differences between the species studied and the need to deepen the analysis through measurements of the bone pieces.

KEY WORDS: Pudu; Anatomical description; Cranial skeleton.

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SALDIVIA, M. & VILLEGAS, F. Anatomical description of the bone segments that make up the skull of the Pudu puda species. Int. J. Morphol., 37(1):167-173, 2019.