Morphological and Applied Anatomical Studies on the Head Region of Local Mizo Pig (Zovawk) of Mizoram

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Om Prakash Choudhary; Pranab Chandra Kalita; Bedanga Konwar; Probal Jyoti Doley; Girin Kalita & Arup Kalita


Zovawk is newly identified breed of pig of Mizoram approved by breed registration committee of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi. This study was designed to provide maximum number of morphometrical parameters of skull and some valuable information on clinically important parameters of Zovawk. The skull of the Zovawk was dolichocephalic according to the cephalic index (53.56±0.11). The supraorbital foramina distance, infraorbital foramina distance, skull length, skull width, cranial length and nasal length of the Zovawk were 3.49±0.01 cm, 6.55±0.01 cm, 28.26±0.03 cm, 15.11±0.26 cm, 13.17±0.04 cm and 13.79±0.02 cm, respectively. The orbital margins were found to be incomplete with bilateral variation among the orbits of both the sides. The distance from the process of alveolar socket of canine tooth to the infraorbital canal and from the latter to the root of the fourth upper premolar alveolar tooth directly ventral to it was 4.77±0.04 cm and 1.20±0.01 cm, respectively in Zovawk. The data are of clinical importance as a guide for tracking the infra-orbital nerve, and necessary for its desensitization during the manipulations in the skin of the upper lip, nostril and face at the level of the foramen. The distance between the lateral end of the alveolus of the third incisor tooth to the mental foramen was 3.57±0.04 cm in Zovawk, which is an important landmark for achieving the location of the mental nerve for the regional nerve block Zovawk. The length and height of the mandible were 25.02±0.09 cm and 10.54±0.07 cm, respectively in Zovawk. The morphometric measurements of the skull and applied anatomy of the head region of the Zovawk provide an important baseline data for further research in the field of applied anatomy.

KEY WORDS: Zovawk; Head; Applied; Nerve block; Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

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CHOUDHARY, O. P.; KALITA, P. C.; KONWAR, B.; DOLEY, P. J.; KALITA, G. & KALITA, A. Morphological and applied anatomical studies on the head region of local Mizo Pig (Zovawk) of Mizoram. Int. J. Morphol.37(1):196-204, 2019.