The Morphometry and Morphology of the Foramen Magnum In Age And Sex Determination Within The South African Black Population Utilizing Computer Tomography (CT) Scans

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M. Moodley; C. Rennie; L. Lazarus & K. S. Satyapal


The morphology and morphometry of the foramen magnum aid forensic studies in identifying unknown individuals according to age and sex. Moreover, these parameters of the foramen magnum have clinical relevance to surgeons in the transcondylar approach. This study aimed to analyze the morphometry and morphology in relation to the age and sex of individuals within the South African Black population, utilizing computerized tomography images. The use of computerized tomography images allowed for accurate morphometric diameters using the SLICER 3-D software version 4.7.0. Radiological images also provide a patient’s clinical history. Thus, the process of exclusion in respect to patients with pathological conditions of the skull is achieved. The sample studied included 150 computerized tomography images (93 males and 57 females) arranged according to age cohorts (children aged 1-12 years, adolescents aged 13-17 years and adults aged 18-25 years). The morphometric parameters viz. antero-posterior diameter, transverse diameter and area of the foramen magnum was analyzed in relation to age and sex. The morphological variations of the foramen magnum was simultaneously observed between males and females and within the age groups. The objective of this study were to improve data on the morphological and morphometric parameters of the foramen magnum in the South African Black population. This study also attempted to associate the morphological and morphometric parameters of the foramen magnum with age and sex determination.

KEY WORDS: Computer tomography; Morphometry; Morphology; Age, Males Females.

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MOODLEY, M.; RENNIE, C.; LAZARUS, L. & SATYAPAL, K. S. The morphometry and morphology of the foramen magnum in age and sex determination within the South African Black population utilizing computer tomography (CT) scans. Int. J. Morphol., 37(1):251-257, 2019.