1-Triacontanol Cerotate Isolated from Marsilea quadrifolia Linn. Safeguards Hippocampal CA3 Neurons and Augments Special Memory Deficit in Chronic Epileptic rats

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Adhikari Snehunsu; Satheesha B. Nayak; Mamta Kandwal; Adhikari Piyali; Murali Adiga; Pabitra Sahoo; Medabala T.; K. Raghavenra Rao & Alex Joseph


Currently many people with epilepsy do not have seizure control even with the best available medications. Moreover various antiepileptics have adverse cognitive impact with other side effect. Thus, need for new antiepileptic drugs still remains challenge. However, many of the natural components have antiepileptic action and this fact remains scientifically unexplored. This study was designed to check the behavioral and neuro-pathological outcome of 1-Triacontanol cerotate (1TAC), isolated from Marsilea quadrifolia Linn. (MQ) on chronic Pentylenetetrazol (PTZ) kindling model of epilepsy in rats. Two-month-old adult male Wistar rats (n=60) were randomly divided into six groups; Group I (Cage Control), II (Vehicle Control), III (Positive Control), IV (Standard drug treated), V (1TAC: 40 mg/kg) & VI (1TAC: 80 mg/kg). To induce kindling a 35 mg/kg dose of PTZ was injected i.p. in every 48 hrs for 30 days in Group III to VI. Spatial memory performance was tested using Morris water maze, following which brains were further processed for histopathological investigations. Interestingly, 1TAC was able to minimize the loss of pyramidal cells in hippocampal CA3 region. These cellular changes were behaviorally responded as improved special learning and memory, a better spatial navigation and object place configuration. The current study strongly implicates that 1TAC from MQ has potent neuroprotective role and augments special memory deficit in chronic epileptic rats. The isolated component which attenuates spatial memory performance could be beneficial outcome to retain cognitive blunting in chronic epilepsy.

KEY WORDS: 1-Triacontanol cerotate; Marsilea quadrifolia Linn.; Pentylenetetrazol, Epilepsy; Hippocampal CA3 zone; Pyramidal cells; Brain antioxidants; Cresyl Violet.

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