Sugarcane Biopolymer as a Guide Tube in the Regeneration of Peripheral Nerves in Rats

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Ivson Bezerra da Silva; Deniele Bezerra Lós; Rodrigo Fragoso de Andrade; Carla do Couto Soares Maciel; Célia Maria Machado Barbosa de Castro; José Lamartine de Andrade Aguiar & Silvia Regina Arruda de Moraes


Peripheral nerve regeneration is a serious clinical problem. The goal of this work was to evaluate comparatively a biopolymer tube of sugarcane with an expanded polyethylene tube as a tube guide in peripheral nerve regeneration. Fourteen male albino Wistar rats were used, separated into three different groups: control (CG), lesion + polyethylene tube (PG) and lesion + sugarcane biopolymer (SBG). At 60 days old, animals from the PG and SBG underwent surgery for tubulization of the sciatic nerve, and 60 days after the injury they were sacrificed for collection of the nerve. In the analysis of the number of nerve fibers, a smaller number was seen in the PG and SBG groups compared to the CG, no difference was seen between the PG and SBG groups (p<0.05). With regard to the number of blood vessels, the SBG group had a larger number than the CG and PG groups (p<0.05). The SBG also presented increase on axonal diameter and G -ratio compared to PG (p<0.05). Taken together these data revealed that biopolymer tube favors a suitable environment for peripheral nerve regeneration.

KEY WORDS: Nerve regeneration; Biomaterials; Biopolymer; Sugarcane; Sciatic nerve.

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DA SILVA, I. B.; LÓS, D. B.; DE ANDRADE, R. F.; MACIEL, C. C. S.; DE CASTRO, C. M. M. B.; AGUIAR, J. L. A. & DE MORAES, S. R. A. Sugarcane biopolymer as a guide tube in the regeneration of peripheral nerves in rats. Int. J. Morphol., 37(1):289- 295, 2019.