Weekly Quizzes as a Predictive Factor of Final Academic Performance in Morphology

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Daniela A. Becerra; Melisa S. Grob; Reinaldo Soto; Jorge Tricio & Natividad Sabag


Academic performance has been defined as the achievement of goals, results or objectives established in the subject program that the student is taking and it is important to study the factors that can predict it. The objective of this study is to establish the correlation between performance in weekly quizzes with performance in global tests and the final exam of first year Odontology students at the Universidad de los Andes. We measured 737 observations corresponding to the average of weekly morphology quizzes with the average of the semestral morphology global tests and the final exam, taken by 370 students admitted in first year of Odontology at the Universidad de los Andes between the years 2011 to 2014 included. The data was analyzed with Student’s T test and Pearson’s correlation. Continuous variables were described with measures of central tendency and dispersion. There is a significant positive correlation (p value <0.001), between the average of the morphology weekly control grades and the averages of global test grades of 0.736; between the average of the weekly control grades and the final exam grade of 0.577 and between the average of global test grades and the exam grades of 0.763. According to our observations, the results of the weekly control grades correlate positively with the results of the global tests and the final exam, so it could be considered as one of the measurable predictors of academic performance.

KEY WORDS: Basic sciences assessment; Educational measurement; Education; Dental; Educational measurement; Educational assessment.

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BECERRA, D. A.; GROB, M. S.; SOTO, R.; TRICIO, J. & SABAG, N. Weekly quizzes as a predictive factor of final academic performance in morphology. Int. J. Morphol., 37(1):296-301, 2019.