Partial Hip Arthroplasty with Tension Band in Proximal Femur Fractures in Older Patients

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Gabriela Espín; Washington Ruiz; Luis Espín V. & Richard Silva


The intertrochanteric fractures in the elderly are very difficult to achieve stable bone healing and fixation in arthroplasty for complete and functional recovery of the elderly. In elderly patients without bone stock, it is recommended to make an attachment to the hip arthroplasty the placement of tension band with the purpose of providing greater stability to the fragments and support to the primary arthroplasty with the aim of a return to the normal quality of life, in the results at 4 weeks post-surgery an improvement in the functional scale is evidenced having as average score 83 taken as good results. In the subsequent controls a mean on the Harris scale of 87 was evidenced, the patients returned to their level of preoperative activity, more than half of the patients were able to walk without support, no complications were reported in the postoperative follow-up controls. of 1 year of patients.

KEY WORDS: Fractures; Stabilization; Results.

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ESPÍN, G.; RUIZ, W.; ESPÍN, V. L. & SILVA, R. Partial hip arthroplasty with tension band in proximal Femur fractures in older patients . Int. J. Morphol., 37(1):363-368, 2019.