Proposal of Anatomical Terms for Alterations in Tooth Size: “Microdontia and Macrodontia”

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Paulina Agurto S.; Christopher Nicholson & Mariano del Sol


There are 76 dentistry terms used in the Terminologia Anatomica, which is a very small number for the existing nomenclature, which uses many terms with Greek roots and eponyms. The aim of this study was to propose terms in Latin and their respective translations into English and Spanish for macrodontia, microdontia and their classifications. We conducted a review of the Terminologia Anatomica and the literature in articles and texts. Then, we translated both terms etymologically from the Greek to obtain our proposal in Latin, Nanismus dentarius for microdontia and Gigantismus dentarius for macrodontia and their subsequent translations into English and Spanish. We consider it necessary to eliminate relative generalized size anomalies as they are an alteration in the size of the dental arches and not the dental structure itself. We can conclude that there are still many terms that are incorrectly named according to etymology and language, which is why further analysis is needed to make changes and with them a real contribution to morphological sciences.

KEY WORDS: Macrodontia; Microdontia; Terminologia Anatomica.

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AGURTO, S. P.; NICHOLSON, C. & DEL SOL, M. Proposal of anatomical terms for alterations in tooth size: “microdontia and macrodontia”. Int. J. Morphol., 37(1):375-378, 2019.