Biometric Location of Motor Points in the Brachial Triceps Muscle of Brazilian Individuals

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Lizama, R.; Sousa-Rodrigues, C. F. & Olave, E.


The triceps brachii muscle is the primary motor for elbow extension movement, so a lesion that affects its function would greatly harm the quality of life of those affected. The knowledge of its innervation and the biometric localization of its motor points is a useful tool in electro-stimulation muscular therapies. The objective of the study was to determine the number of branches and location of the motor points of this muscle. To this end, 30 superior members of Brazilian individuals were used, to whom a detailed dissection of the posterior compartment of the arm was performed. The number of branches, motor points and biometric location of each of the branches destined for the three heads of the brachial triceps muscle was recorded. A biepicondilar line, traced between the humeral epicondyles, was used as a reference point. In all cases, this muscle was innervated by the radial nerve. The average motor points for the long head of the muscle (LH) was 3.9 + 1.4; for the medial head (MH) was 4.8 + 1.2 and for the lateral head (LatH) was 4.1+1.4. The motor points were concentrated mainly in the middle third of the arm, both at a general level, and also for each head. The biometric data provided will complement the knowledge of the innervation of this muscle and will favor a better understanding and choice of treatments for a pathology.

KEY WORDS: Anatomy; Brachial Triceps muscle; Innervation; Motor points.

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LIZAMA, R.; SOUSA-RODRIGUES, C. F. & OLAVE, E. Biometric Location of Motor Points in the Brachial Triceps Muscle of Brazilian individuals. Int. J. Morphol., 37(1):379-384, 2019.