Usefulness of the Anatomy Learning Comics and Anatomy Comic Strips to Adolescents

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Beom Sun Chung & Min Suk Chung


This study was intended to evaluate the anatomy comics as learning material for adolescents. For that, both the learning comics and comic strips were shown to 341 junior high school students who subsequently completed a questionnaire. According to the students answers, the anatomy comics were greatly or somewhat helpful in understanding anatomy (learning comics: 87.7 %; comic strips: 86.2 %). The anatomy comics were greatly or somewhat entertaining (learning comics: 66.9 %; comic strips: 77.4 %). According to their free remarks, the anatomy comics enhanced the students’ understanding with the simple figures and easy explanations. The students regarded the anatomy comics as entertaining because of the related jokes and comparative daily lives. The students preferred the complimentary anatomy comics presented on the authors’ homepage ( This investigation proves the possibility that the anatomy comics contribute to adolescents learning.

KEY WORDS: Adolescent; Nonprofessional education; Anatomy; Cartoons.

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CHUNG, B. S. & CHUNG, M. S. Usefulness of the anatomy learning comics and anatomy comic strips to adolescents. Int. J. Morphol., 36(3):806-810, 2018.