Anthropometric profile of Chilean under-14 basketball players

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Gajardo-Burgos, Rubén; Barría Vargas, César; Flández Valderrama, Jorge; Avendaño Chipón, René; Barría Pailaquilén, R. Mauricio & Monrroy Uarac, Manuel


Anthropometry is a key instrument to find body changes produced by sports training and age. It is also being used to determine young skilled athletes. The aim of this study was to determine the anthropometric characteristics of Chilean male basketball players under 14 years of age during 2017. We measured 28 athletes with an average age of 14.14 ± 0.36 [13.33- 14.63] who participated in the National Chilean Team concentration process. In the study, 25 anthropometric variables were measured including penta compartimental body composition, somatotype and proportionality were estimated. Statistical description was applied for the athletes characterization. The analysis showed that Chilean U-14 basketball players have a high percentage of muscle mass, a meso-ectomorphic somatotype and negative proportions (Z score) regarding their height.

KEY WORDS: Anthropometry; Somatotype; Body composition; Basketball.

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GAJARDO-BURGOS, R.; BARRÍA, V. C.; FLÁNDEZ, V. J.; AVENDAÑO, C. R.; BARRÍA, P. R. M. & MONRROY, U. M. Anthropometric profile of Chilean under-14 basketball players. Int. J. Morphol., 36(3):943-947, 2018.