Chilean Society of Anatomy. The Beginning

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Julio Cárdenas Valenzuela & Alberto Rodríguez Torres


With the aim of bringing to mind events that occurred some time ago, and in order to preserve them for future generations of morphologists, the authors make an analysis of the facts that conditioned the beginnings of the Chilean Society of Anatomy such as, the society ́s first board of directors, publications and national and international meetings. A search was carried out that included anecdotes, reviews of statutes, digital archives and official society journals, from 1979 when it was established, until 1991 the year during which some changes were introduced in the journals, the duration periods for the board of directors and the termination of the founding partners’ participation on the board and organization of future events. It was possible to review the society’s initial statutes, make a chronological description of the national meetings and subsequent congresses, and of the society ́s official journals and establishment of recognitions towards its most outstanding members.

KEY WORDS: History; Sociedad Chilena de Anatomía; Anatomy.

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CÁRDENAS, V. J. & RODRÍGUEZ, T. A. Chilean society of anatomy. The beginning. Int. J. Morphol., 36(3) :1075-1078, 2018.