Health technology assessment (HTA). An overview of the concept and its scope

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Carlos Manterola; Tamara Otzen; Mayra Castro & Luis Grande


The progressive concern of countries to optimize access, efficiency and quality of health have led to the most appropriate use of health interventions. Therefore, the interest of both health professionals and health decision makers has been oriented towards evidence-based policy, comparative efficacy and Health Technologies Assessment (HTA). Although the aforementioned concepts are converging in their characteristics, they are not synonymous. However, all these are based on systematic testing orientation and focus on relevant patient outcomes among others. As a consequence of all this, interest does not only imply the concepts of effectiveness, effectiveness and efficiency, but also in clinical practice, costs and transparency.This manuscript summarizes concepts of health economics, economic evaluation, health technology and HTA. Then, the life cycle of a health technology and the reasons for implementing an HTA program are discussed. Concluding with some examples of emerging health technologies, comments on the scientific evidence in HTA, and some examples of HTA studies in daily clinical practice.

KEY WORDS: Technology Assessment, Biomedical"[Mesh]; "Economics, Medical"[Mesh]; "Evidence- Based Medicine"[Mesh].

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MANTEROLA, M.; OTZEN, T.; CASTRO, M. & GRANDE, L. Health technology assessment (HTA). An overview of the concept and its scope. Int. J. Morphol., 36(3):1134-1142, 2018.