Normative Values of Some Morphometric Variables for Kosovo Albanian Population Aged 06->70 Years Old

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Agron M. Rexhepi; Behlul Brestovci & Imran Isufi


The purpose of this study was to find out normative values of the Body Height, Body Weight, Body Mass Index and Basal Metabolic Rate, as well as to study, observe and to clarify the dynamics of physical growth and changes. Four anthropometric variables were measured in 94825 male Albanian entities from Kosovo aged 06->70 years old, during the period 2007–2016. The same variables were measured in 409 sportsmen from Kosovo. The obtained data were analysed through Descriptive Parameters (arithmetic mean, maximum, minimum and standard deviation) and Correlation Analysis. Gained results indicate average to high Body Height of measured male Kosovo Albanians (50.6 % of entities = 1700-1799 mm; 38.2 % = 1800-1899 mm). The smaller entity with body height 1015 mm belongs to age-group of 6 years old, while the higher entity with 2015 mm belongs to the age group of 19 years old. The correlation coefficient between Body Height and Body Weight shows its higher values in two phases of intensive body growth (0.71- 0.76) and in the decrease phase of the body morphometry (0.57-0.65). Kosovo Albanian sportsmen aged 17-25 years with average Body Height=1847.75 mm and Body Weight=75.87 kg belongs to group of higher people with ideal body weight.

KEY WORDS: Body height; Body weight; Body mass index; Basal metabolic rate.

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REXHEPI, A. M.; BRESTOVCI, B. & ISUFI, I. Normative values of some morphometric variables for Kosovo Albanian population aged 06 - >70 years Old. Int. J. Morphol., 36(2):592-597, 2018.