Effect of Physical Exercise on the Renal Structures of Ovariectomized Female LDL Knockout Mice

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Sarah Cristina Gozzi e Silva; Cynthia Tiemy Nagafuti Nitta; Nathalia Edviges Alves Lima; Clever Gomes Cardoso; Glaucia Luciano da Veiga; Fernando Luiz Affonso Fonseca & Laura Beatriz Mesiano Maifrino


The reduction of ovarian function and a decrease in estrogen levels marked by menopause are related to increased susceptibility to develop dyslipidemia. These alterations in the lipid profile can have consequences in renal tissue and generate injuries that may progress to renal failure. The practice of physical activity is an important factor for the treatment and prevention of dyslipidemia and its consequences. The objective of this study is to observe the effects of physical exercise on the right kidney of ovariectomized female LDL knockout mice. Animals were submitted to moderate physical exercise, sacrificed, and the right kidney was removed for morphometric and stereological analysis. The results showed that dyslipidemia promoted a decrease in the areas of the corpuscle and renal glomerulus, in the volume density of light in both the proximal and distal convoluted tubules, and an increase in capsular space, particularly more marked in the proximal tubules. We also observed that physical exercise decreased the analyzed parameters. Our results suggest the association of physical training and dyslipidemia presents a tendency to reduce the dimensions of morphometric and stereological parameters of the kidney. These changes may be related to metabolic and physiological adaptation of renal tissue during physical exercise.

KEY WORDS: Kidney; Dyslipidemia; Physical exercise; Menopause.

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GOZZI E SILVA, S. C.; NITTA, C. T. N.; LIMA, N. E. A.; CARDOSO, C. G.; DA VEIGA, G. L.; FONSECA, F. L. A. & MAIFRINO, L. B. M. Effect of physical exercise on the renal structures of ovariectomized female LDL knockout Mice. Int. J. Morphol., 36(1):273- 278, 2018.