Morphological Differences of Elite Bosnian Basketball Players According to Team Position

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Haris Pojskic; Vlatko Separovic; Melika Muratovic & Edin Uzicanin


The aim of this research was the estimation of anthropometric characteristics of elite male basketball players from four Bosnian first league teams, as well as the identification of possible differences between players who play in different positions in the teams. Fifty-five, healthy players (age: 19.09±3.13 years; body height: 189.13±8.30 cm; body mass: 83.42±12.48 kg) were divided into three different subsamples according to their positional role (twenty two guards, nineteen forwards and fourteen centers). Twenty morphological variables were measured and afterwards one (BMI) was calculated. For all anthropometric characteristics, descriptive parameters (mean, standard deviation and range) were calculated. In order to determine the possible differences between the players that play in different positions in the teams the analysis of variance (ANOVA) with Bonferoni post-hoc test for multiple comparisons was used. The results obtained show that there are significant differences between the different groups of players in sixteen out of twenty-one measured variables. Centers (big players) are dominantly heavier, taller, with longer and wider skeletons dimensionality as well as with bigger body circumferences compared to forwards and guards. Forwards are significantly heavier and taller with longer leg and arm lengths compared to guards. There are no significant differences between the groups in terms of body fat percentage, fat free percentage, body mass index and biepicondylar breadth of the femur and humerus. Generally, the values of the measured variables rise from guards to centers, except for body fat percentage and skinfolds. The obtained information can help coaches to indirectly evaluate fitness levels of the players and to design training and nutritional programs for basketball players.

KEY WORDS: Body composition; Anthropometrics; Positional role; Fat percentage.

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POJSKIC, H.; SEPAROVIC, V.; MURATOVIC, M. & UZICANIN, E. Morphological differences of elite Bosnian basketball players according to team position. Int. J. Morphol., 32(2):690-694, 2014.