Corpus Callosum and Ventricle: MRI Determination of Dementia in Turkish Population and Healthy Geriatric Subjects

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Sema Polat; Ahmet Hilmi Yücel & Mahmut Öksüzler


The aim of this study was to identify the values of corpus callosum sections and ventricles in Dementia and healthy geriatric subjects using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and to establish both gender differences and differences between groups. The MRI results of 163 geriatric subjects (81 healthy individuals; 82 Dementia subjects) aged 60-89 years were studied. The midsagittal and axial images were used for measurements of the corpus callosum and lateral ventricle, respectively on MRI. The mean values of the widths of genu, body, splenium, height of the corpus callosum, longitudinal dimension of the corpus callosum and brain were 8.74±1.53 mm, 5.37±0.75 mm, 9.37±1.33 mm, 25.42±2.89 mm, 70.99±3.86 mm, 148.87±6.67 mm and 8.51±1.93 mm, 5.37±0.84 mm, 9.74±1.17 mm and 25.67±2.88 mm, 72.41±4.99 mm, 153.66±8.00 mm in females and males of healthy geriatric age, respectively. The same measurements were found to be 6.90±1.66 mm, 4.33±0.76 mm, 7.94±1.38 mm, 24.42±3.11 mm, 69.01±4.52 mm, 149.18±7.13 mm and 7.55±1.98 mm, 4.56±1.02 mm, 8.60±1.58 mm, 23.96±3.51 mm, 73.42±3.81 mm, 155.38±8.39 mm in females and males with Dementia, respectively. Additionally, the means of the frontal horn width and Evans index measurements were lower in healthy geriatric subjects, whereas the transverse inner diameter of the skull were higher in healthy geriatric subjects than dementia subjects in both sexes. The observations presented in this report have defined anatomic parameters of healthy and dementia geriatric subjects that need to be taken into consideration for reference data to determine sex discrepancies, and be helpful for radiologists and clinicians.

KEY WORDS: Corpus callosum and lateral ventricle; MRI; Dementia; Geriatric subjects.

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POLAT, S.; YÜCEL, A. H. & ÖKSÜZLER, M. Corpus callosum and ventricle: MRI determination of dementia in Turkish population and healthy geriatric subjects. Int. J. Morphol., 35(4):1429-1436, 2017.