Median Cephalic and Median Basilic Veins. Why their Exclusion from Terminologia Anatomica?

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Mariano del Sol & Bélgica Vásquez


Numerous articles have described the distribution of superficial veins in the cubital fossa. These veins have anatomic and clinical importance and are of interest to anatomists, surgeons and nurses. The median cephalic and median basilic veins are the product of the division of the cephalic vein of the forearm. Both veins drain into the cephalic vein accessory and basilic vein, respectively. Nomina Anatomica considered the median cephalic vein and median basilic vein, which has allowed a precise, clear and understandable anatomical description. We need to include the terms median cephalic and median basilic veins in Terminologia Anatomica, terms excluded by the Federative International Program for Anatomical Terminology (FIPAT).

KEY WORDS: Terminologia Anatomica; Median cephalic vein ; Median basilic vein.

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DEL SOL, M. & VÁSQUEZ, B. Median cephalic and median basilic veins. Why their exclusion from Terminologia Anatomica? Int. J. Morphol., 32(2):721-724, 2014.