Histological Characterization of Sacco’s Concentrated Growth Factors Membrane

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Sara Bernardi; Stefano Mummolo; Simona Tecco; Maria Adelaide Continenza & Giuseppe Marzo


Along with the emerging needs of the dental patients, numerous techniques for oral tissue stimulation and regeneration were developed to be employed in the modern implant rehabilitation therapies. The Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF) are a relatively new therapeutic presidium that can be used for this purpose, enhancing the regenerative potential property of blood cells. Although literature presents numerous studies evaluating the CGF for their clinical uses and efficacy, data regarding their biological characteristics are very few. The present study evaluates and describes the CGF structural morphology by means of classical histological methods, using haematoxilin-eosin and azan mallory stains. A three layers organization with a fibrin complex network was noted, with blood corpuscular elements entrapped, especially in the most external layer. These descriptions enrich the knowledge about this new type of membrane, showing the bio-morphological side of the regenerative techniques. These findings will be useful in clinical practice for the choice of the most suitable technique in each implant rehabilitation.

KEY WORDS: Histology; Guided bone regeneration; Implant dentistry; Concentrated growth factor.

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BERNARDI, S.; MUMMOLO, S.; TECCO, S.; CONTINENZA, M. A. & MARZO, G. Histological characterization of Sacco’s concentrated growth factors membrane. Int. J. Morphol., 35(1):114-119, 2017.