Three- dimensional virtual model of the elbow joint of the dog by means of ultra thin plastinated slices.

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Jorge Arredondo; Octavio López-Albors; Sergio Recillas; Mauro Victoria; Octavio Castelán; Manuel González-Ronquillo; Sigrid Becerril & Rafael Latorre


The dog’s elbow joint is a very complex structure formed between the humeral condyle, the radial head and the ulnar trochlear notch. This joint is prone to suffer growth disorders, traumatic injuries, and degenerative conditions. All these problems used to be solved by surgical means, nevertheless, the surgical plan, results in a complex decision making process related with the aforementioned joint characteristics, three dimensional (3D) anatomical models from computed tomography have proven to be useful in the surgical approach, nevertheless the image technique is at some point limited, mainly identifying soft tissues. Ultrathin plastinated slices (1 mm) allows to perform very detailed descriptions of complex structures and 3D reconstructions as well. The aim of this work, was to obtain a 3D reconstruction of ultrathin plastinated elbow joint in the dog.

KEY WORDS: Elbow; Plastination; Three-Dimensio- nal Model.

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ARREDONDO, J.; LÓPEZ-ALBORS, O.; RECILLAS, S.; VICTORIA, M.; CASTELÁN, O.; GONZÁLEZ- RONQUILLO, M.; BECERRIL, S. & LATORRE, R. Three- dimensional virtual model of the elbow joint of the dog by means ofultrathinplastinatedslices. Int.J.Morphol.,34(4):1253-1258, 2016.