Similarities between ontogeny and post-fracture bone regeneration.

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Carolina Smok & Mariana Rojas


Bone ossification is a process that occurs during embryogenesis when fetal period begins. It is characterized by a condensation of mesenchymal cells with chondro and osteogenic bipotentiality, to form bone tissue by endochondral and membranous ossification respectively. Bone regeneration is the response generated in order to obtain the return of tissue after a trauma. This event is characterized by the formation of a secondary periosteal callus, which follows embryonic osteogenesis patterns introducing both types of ossification, besides their own molecular regulation during the fetal stage, concluding that both processes are closely related during ontogeny of the specimen, with the exception of the inflammatory process generated after an injury.

KEY WORDS: Ossification; Regeneration; Bone fractures.

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SMOK, C. & ROJAS, M. Similarities between ontogeny and post-fracture bone regeneration. Int. J. Morphol., 34(4):1293- 1299, 2016.