Association Between Tongue Rolling and Tongue Folding in Osogbo, Southwestern Nigeria

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Christopher Igbeneghu; Folake Olukanni; Japhet Olisekodiaka & Adekunle Adesina


This study was carried out among 144 individuals (≥18 years) from the Yoruba tribe of Southwestern Nigeria in order to determine the association between tongue rolling and folding. Participants were examined for the ability to roll and/or fold their tongues. The incidence of tongue rollers and folders were 59.7 % and 79.2 % respectively. Tongue rolling was higher in females than male but the difference was not significant (X2= 1.039, df = 1, p= 0.308). Tongue folding was significantly higher in females than males (X2= 4.211, df= 1, p= 0.04). Of the 144 participants, 76 (52.8 %) were tongue rollers and folders, 10 (6.9 %) were rollers and non-folders, 38 (26.4 %) were non-rollers and folders and 20 (13.9 %) were non-rollers and non-folders. These classes did not vary significantly with sex (X2= 5.895, df= 3, p= 0.117) but there was a significant association between the ability to roll the tongue and the ability to fold the tongue (X2= 10.97, df= 1, p <0.001). This study shows that tongue rollers are associated with tongue folders.

KEY WORDS: Association; Traits; Tongue roller; Tongue folders; Osogbo; Nigeria.

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IGBENEGHU, C.; OLUKANNI, F.; OLISEKODIAKA, J. & ADESINA, A. Association between tongue rolling and tongue folding in Osogbo, Southwestern Nigeria. Int. J. Morphol., 34(3):866-869, 2016.