Descriptive Anatomy of Lateral Digital Extensor Muscles of the Hand of the White-Footed Tamarin (Saguinus leucopus Günther, 1876).

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Juan Fernando Vélez García; Jorge Eduardo Duque Parra & John Barco Ríos


The Saguinus leucopus is an endemic and monotypic primate of Colombia with quadrupedal arboreal locomotion, but the study of its morphological adaptations are still scarce, therefore the specific knowledge of its muscles will allow to understand these adaptations and to establish better medical and surgical procedures in order to preserve this species. For this purposes, the two forearms of 10 S. leucopus specimens were dissected, they were fixed within a formaldehyde solution, phenic acid and mineral oil mixture. Among the craniolateral muscles of the forearm two muscles were independent for digits IV and V. They presented form, origin and insertion suitable for individual extension of each digit, with innervation and irrigation by the cranial interosseous nerve and the homonymous artery respectively; they show similarities and differences with other primates, it allows to conclude that the development of these muscles could enable a particular anatomical and functional individualization in these digits extension, this feature makes possible its quadrupedal arboreal locomotion.

KEY WORDS: Antebrachial region; Extensor digiti quarti proprius muscle; Extensor digiti quinti proprius muscle; Myology; Primate.

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VÉLEZ, G. J. F.; DUQUE, P. J. E. & BARCO, R. J. Descriptive anatomy of lateral digital extensor muscles of the hand of the white- footed tamarin (Saguinus leucopus günther, 1876). Int. J. Morphol., 34(3):1123-1127, 2016.