Ppe Tube Filled With Autologous Fat in the Repair of Peripheral Nerve: A New Proposal

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Gustavo Lopes Toledo; Juliana Dreyer da Silva de Menezes; Juliana de Almeida Nascimento; Jesus Carlos Andreo; Rogério Leone Buchaim; André Luis Shinohara; Geraldo Marco Rosa Junior & Antonio de Castro Rodrigues


This study proposes the use of a porous polyethylene (PPE) tube as the conductive element in the regeneration in the sciatic nerve sectioning and evaluates the use of fill with autologous fat. The subject was divided randomly into five groups, 3 control and 2 experimental (PPE tube graft with/ without autologous fat). Each group was selected for functional, histological and morphometric evaluation of the sciatic nerve. Functional analysis of the sciatic nerve occurred through the "footprint" values near -100 refer sectioned sciatic nerve, near 0 (zero) refer to control group. On histological analysis of the experimental groups lots of dense connective tissue replacing nerve tissue was observed. In morphometric analysis the group EGPGf got higher performance in all of variables. The use of PPE has shown promise in nerve regeneration with favorable results when associate with fat as a trophic factor in the regeneration.

KEY WORDS: Rat sciatic nerve; Axonal regeneration; Porous polyethylene pipe.

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TOLEDO, G. L.; DA SILVA DE MENEZES, J. D.; DE ALMEIDA NASCIMENTO, J.; ANDREO, J. C.; BUCHAIM, L. R.; SHINOHARA, A. L.; ROSA JUNIOR, G. M. & DE CASTRO RODRIGUES, A. Ppe tube filled with autologous fat in the repair of peripheral nerve: a new proposal. Int. J. Morphol., 34(3):1151-1157, 2016.