Histological Analysis of the Reproductive System and Gonad Maturity of Octopus rubescens

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López-Peraza, D. J.; Hernández-Rodríguez, M.; Barón-Sevilla, B. & Bückle-Ramirez, L. F.


This study described the reproductive system and gonadal development of Octopus rubescens from Bahía de Todos Santos, Baja California, Mexico. A total of 65 organisms, 35 males weighing 7.2 to 543.4 g and 30 females from 9.4 to 87.7 g where analyzed. The gonad development was defined through histological methods using Hematoxylin-eosin and Arteta-trichrome stains. We describe macroscopically the reproductive system of males and females, and characterized each of the anatomic components. Eight stages of maturity were recognized in females: 1. Immature, 2. Initial folliculogenesis, 3. Final folliculogenesis, 4. Previtelogenesis, 5. Early vitelogenesis, 6. Final vitelogenesis, 7. Maturing and 8. Spawn. In males five stages were identified: 1. Immature, 2. Maturing A, 3. Maturing B, 4. Mature type 1 and 5. Mature type 2. This work is the first histological description of the reproductive system of this species and the beginning for future research on its basic biology.

KEY WORDS: Octopus rubescens; Histology; Reproductive system; Gonad maturity.

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LÓPEZ-PERAZA, D. J.; HERNÁNDEZ-RODRÍGUEZ, M.; BARÓN-SEVILLA, B. & BÜCKLE-RAMIREZ, L. F. Histological analysis of the reproductive system and gonad maturity of Octopus rubescens. Int. J. Morphol., 31(4):1459-1469, 2013.