Why research and how to conduct a research

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Carlos Manterola & Tamara Otzen H.


The main objectives in research is to generate knowledge as well as the solution of practical problems. It is however, necessary to think about this as a process in which different stages must be specifically considered. When trying to investigate without considering the "research process", a series of mistakes are often made, as research is carried out from tabulation and subsequent statistical analysis, an act that will determine the publication of results which validity, reliability and interpretation is doubtful. Therefore, the first thing to consider when doing research is to avoid the omission of stages and improvisation, otherwise inadequate methodologies will present, as well as incomplete results which are difficult to interpret. Furthermore, the final mention is often misleading in biomedical publications. The modern practice of medicine must be based on solid and concrete evidence and not on "criterion" and "common sense". In this article various steps for research are mentioned in a summarized form. That is to say, the definition of a research problem, construction of theoretical frame, generation of hypothesis, research question and objectives; choosing the most suitable and feasible design, sample selection, determination of different in study variables, data collection and analysis.

KEY WORDS: Biomedical Research; Clinical Research; Medical Research.

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MANTEROLA, C. & OTZEN, H. T. Why research and how to conduct a research. Int. J. Morphol., 31(4):1498-1504, 2013.