Discrimination of Athletes and Non-athletes Based on the Latent Structure of Some Biometric Variables

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Agron M. Rexhepi & Behlul Brestovci


The aim of this exploratory study was to explore impact of organized physical activities on the latent structure of some morpho-functional variables. Discrimination between group of athletes (167 entities, aged 22.4 years) and group of non-athletes (150 entities, aged 25.7 years) has been explored in latent structure of 12 morphometric variables, 4 physiological variables and 7 hematological variables. The significant differences between athletes and non-athletes on four extracted latent factors, were explored through Canonical Discriminant Analyses. The confirmed significant differences between two explored groups indicate the impact of regular and well organized physical activities on morphometric characteristics, physiological abilities, and hematological parameters. The results of this exploratory study may encourage us to compose and to apply well organized physical activities for children, elders, and overweight persons that will be profitable for their health.

KEY WORDS: Canonical discriminant analyses; Latent factors; Morpho-functional variables.

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REXHEPI, A. M. & BRESTOVCI, B. Discrimination of athletes and non-athletes based on the latent structure of some biometric variables. Int. J. Morphol., 31(3):957-962, 2013.