Developmental Anomalies of Bronchial Tree: A Multidetector Computerized Tomography Study

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Mahinur Ulusoy; Ali Sami Kıvrak; Ismihan Ilknur Uysal; Ahmet Kagan Karabulut; Yahya Paksoy & Zeliha Fazlıogulları


Anomalies of the bronchial tree may cause recurrent acute pulmonary infection and persistent obstruction symptoms. The developmental anomalies of the bronchial tree were presented mostly as case reports with an accompanying anomaly. However in this study, these anomalies were detected in multidetector computerized tomography (MDCT) images which have no reported pathology. Thoracic MDCT images of 400 patients (0-74 years old, 224 male and 176 female) were evaluated. Four tracheal bronchus (1%) were detected. Three of them were displaced type, one of them was pig bronchus. And two accessory cardiac bronchus (0,5%) originated from medial wall of the intermediate bronchus were detected. According to our findings, incidence of tracheal bronchus and accessory cardiac bronchus seems to be higher in Turkish population.

KEY WORDS: Anomaly; Accessory cardiac bronchus; Bronchial tree; Tracheal bronchus; multidetector computerized tomography (MDCT).

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ULUSOY, M.; KIVRAK, A. S.; UYSAL, I. I.; KARABULUT, A. K.; PAKSOY, Y. & FAZLIOGULLARI, Z. Developmental anomalies of bronchial tree: A multidetector computerized tomography study. Int. J. Morphol., 31(3):1049-1055, 2013.